International development: heading for India!

Algo’Tech is pleased to announce a joint venture created with a local partner which has a strong presence on the market. The subsidiary, based in New Delhi and with numerous branches across the country, aims to offer all the products in the range to the Indian market.

Last webinar’s videos

For those who were unable to attend, here are the links to the last four webinars accessible via YouTube:

 Using and modifying your diagrams without redrawing them, using Scan’Builder:

 A document management system dedicated to your technical services using Tech’Manager:

 Retrieving PDF diagrams using the Handle PDF module:

 Automatically generating your electrical diagrams from your design calculations

(You Tube link soon available)

The 2016 version of the Pack’Elec software range is available.

The 2016 version of the Pack’Elec software range is available.

The main new features relate to:
- The CAD part: numerous improvements have been made, there is increased scope for customisation, simplifications have been made and new options are available,
- The Automate module has been considerably enhanced,
- The Conversion Caneco gateway has been improved,
- The Tech’Manager and Data’Manager software packages now offer, among their new features, the option of connecting to a SQL database,
- The Aéro’Desk software package has new advanced features,
- And finally, the Auto’Fil interface has had a complete makeover.

To see the full list of new features, please contact the communications Department Tél.:+33(0) – email:

For more information, contact the technical department. Tel.: +33 (0) 5 59 01 59 61 – email:

Save the date !

Following the success of the previous two web conferences, Algo’Tech Informatique is continuing to organise these thematic meetings!
Here are the dates for upcoming conferences:
  • 6 October at 11.30am: Presentation of Tech’Manager, the maintenance document management solution,
  • 17 November at 11.30am: webinar on CMMS, “increasing efficiency by implementing a preventive maintenance strategy”,
  • In December: webinar on the consulting service set up by Algo’Tech to support maintenance services in their digital transformation.

Sign up online at:

“Run In Tech” at the Réunion technology park on 23 and 24 September

“Run In Tech” at the Réunion technology park on 23 and 24 September



Algo’Tech Informatique is participating at the “Run in Tech” trade fair in partnership with the company Convergence, a customer and local partner.

This event is for professionals only and is the only one of its kind on Réunion. It hosts various presentations around a common theme: innovation for companies on Réunion. The primary objective is to discover and highlight local know-how in relation to innovation, and its capability to immediately adapt to the requirements of professionals on Réunion, in all sectors of activity and at all company levels.

More informations :


A year marked by ambitious development and respect

This year, we will be continuing the strategy we announced in 2014 (the main strategic focuses of which are covered below), reinforcing it and accelerating it while respecting the values that we hold dear. These values, which form our charter of commitment towards our customers, are:

     -          To always offer you the best product/service mix,

     -          That fully matches your requirements and your budget,

     -           With a commitment to quality, and in accordance with values of solidarity.

These values of solidarity are important to us, which is why we have developed a new Services offer in partnership with two French companies in the social and solidarity sector of the economy: STEP (64 – France), a company helping people get back into the job market, and FMS (40 – France), a socially responsible company that supports disabled workers.

 May 2015 be bright… and socially responsible!

Let’s meet!

This year, Algo’Tech Informatique is planning to take part in a number of professional events in France and abroad, such as the Le Bourget Show to be held on June 15 – 21.

With 2,215 exhibitors and 315,000 visitors in 2013, SIAE is the don’t-miss event for the aeronautics and space industry.

This year, we want to set up user meetings (2 or 3 in 2015) and webinars on various technical topics. The schedule for these events will be given in the next newsletter.

Continue the development of the software range and of the R&D programs

This year, our goal is to continue the development of our software offering based on two main focuses:

- The automatic design tools for the electrical, PLC and wiring portions, based on the Auto’Fil and Aéro’Desk solutions.  We have proved the relevance of these tools, which have become drivers of competitiveness, flexibility and quality for our customers, allowing them to better withstand international competition and increase their market share. We are going to continue our efforts in this regard in 2015 and reach even more SMEs and design offices faced with increased competition.

- The operational management of data for maintenance, based on the Data’Manager solution, allowing maintenance operators to easily access the information and documents that they need.

Similarly, we are continuing to enrich our existing products, in particular the Scan’Builder range.

Lastly, innovation remains the backbone of our company: Algo’Tech has been selected for leading R&D programs. Algo’Tech will always remain an innovative SME, a partner of major groups in leading-edge R&D programs, for the benefit of our customers.

Welcome to our new customers!

In this New Year period, the healthcare, industrial and education sectors are especially well represented. In particular, our new customers include Saint-Joseph Hospital in Marseille, Pakea (supplier of industrial equipment), ENSCR (École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie of Rennes), and Fleury Michon.

The large-scale introduction of our new Services offer in partnership with players in the social and solidarity economy

The new Services business line developed in partnership with local companies STEP, a company helping people get back into the job market, and FMS, a socially responsible company that supports disabled workers, has been up and running for 4 months. We already have more than 6 customers in various units of the Nestlé group, EDF and DSM, to mention just a few.

4 people have been recruited and trained by our partners STEP and FMS, and are now fully operational. Our goal in 2015 is to deploy this offer throughout our customer base and to form a team of 10 people working full-time. In this way, we will offer our customers flexibility and the ability to cope with peak workloads thanks to seasoned professionals, while respecting values of solidarity and at competitive costs.