In the field of aeronautics, and transport in general, wiring has become a matter of prime importance. The rising use of on-board electronics and the preponderance of electronic controls mean that vehicles, planes, trains and boats now need considerably more wiring.

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In the on-board wiring field, communication difficulties, even failures, between the engineering office and production are major problems. They generate many back-and-forths, corrections, and additional work that is unnecessary and costly. This is why Algo'Tech and Innodex3d decided to integrate their 2 products, Aero'Desk and Apara-Wire, to provide continuity of communication from design to production. Implementing our solutions allows you to automate the production of your studies and wiring, for a considerable saving in time

Two complementary solutions perfectly tailored to your business:

Services Algotech : Sous-traitance CAO

To respond to a need from our customers, we have set up a design office, so you can offload some service tasks to us if there is an unexpected increase in your engineering office's workload.


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Algo'Tech has developed applications specifically designed for your business needs.