The Strong Points:

  • Based on an intuitive graphic interface, it allows a very fast handling,
  • The diagram development is at the same time flexible and very effective,
  • The installation characteristics ( circuits, cables … ) and calculation can be seen at once thanks to a clever multiwindowing,
  • Immediate calculation as capturing the characteristics,
  • Possibility of justifying abnormalities: not modifiable parts on existing installations, particular cases tolerated by the norm,
  • The existence of abnormalities does not hinder the calculation besides of the installation,
  • Import/Export with AUTO’FIL: The diagram made with Auto’Fil is calculated from Lise, and, the note of calculation in Lise generates a complete diagram into Auto’Fil,
  • Import/Export with XL Pro Software from Legrand.

An easy interface to handle :

The diagram development is simply made by putting down symbols or predefined complete circuits on the drawing.
No manual repositioning is necessary: In case of insertion of a power supply between two others, LISE increases automatically the width of the distributor and repositions it as it must be.
Any abnormality reported at the bottom of the screen is explained in detail and is colored on the diagram and in the characteristics and/or in the calculation results.
In most of the cases, Lise can solve automatically the problem in unlocking the red characteristics.
The characteristics and the results of calculations are classified by elements and by subjects, for a facilitated reading.
The data are at the same time complete and clear.

For example :

lthe mode of installation is presented with an illustration and a description.
It is not thus necessary to know the codes by heart.
However the user who wants to spare time can seize directly the code normalized by the mode of installation.

A completely automatic conception :

LISE calculates automatically, in real time, all the useful values as the diagram developement goes along (every modification on the diagram or on the charasteristics are taken into account at once).
Everywhere where it is possible, Lise suggests values but you can always put the value of your choice.
It is so possible to realize a right study: with few clicks to capture the diagram and some keystrokes to enter the consumptions.
All the sizings will be done automatically.
To end you just have to clarify the lengths of cables, the installation conditions (that you can modify by group)…
The elements which must be readjusted will be done by calculation.

Manufacturers’catalogues management :

For each studied installation, you can choose a supplier by default.
All the circuits’ breakers and the switches are automatically chosen at this supplier without having to open the catalogue of each device.
If for a given device you wish to set up a model, you have to open the catalogue and to select the model you are looking for.
The research can be made on technical criteria or by reaching the totality of the available references via a treelike sight.
In manual mode, it is very easy to mix several manufacturers in the same installation.
Catalogues are regularly updated and its capture is controlled several times.

The check of the existing installations :

An existing installation has to be confronted with abnormalities:

  • Either because the installation is old and the standard has evolved?
  • Or because operations of maintenance or extension were realized without complete calculation nor checks.

But it is not always possible to correct these abnormalities on the existing, in particular when it is just a small extension required.
That’s why all the abnormalities reported by Lise can be justified.
It can be joined with a “comment case” where the user can indicate why he does not correct the anomaly.
Keeping justified or not justified abnormalities never stop the calculation.
It is possible to carry on the calculation of a divisional board and to make it right even if abnormalities are reported between the source and the divisional board.

Guaranteed compliance to the NF standard C 15-100 :

LISE makes calculation and the following checks:

  • Complete balance sheet of power with automatic balancing of the phases,
  • Choice and automatic adjustment of the protections,
  • Choix automatique des sections,
  • Automatic choice of sections, all the checks demanded by the standard (acceptable currents, protection against the excess loads, protection against the short circuits, protection against the indirect contacts, the sudden drops in voltage … )
  • The quality of the results is guaranteed by the approval UTE 15L607.

The printing of a complete file :

The order of October 10th, 2000 imposes a minimal list of information to be supplied to an installation.
The software generates this report, entirely or personalized according to your needs.

Complete tool cases for calculation :

Do you need to ckeck a section on a circuit? calculate a sudden drop of voltage? calculate the consumption of a lamp?
LISE allows you to make it without capturing the installation.
You just have to use the calculation tool cases.

Gateways towards additional software :

Algo’Tech and BBS Conception have signed a partnership agreement allowing exchanging data of the diagram towards calculation and vice versa:

  • Check by calculation in Lise of the compliance of the diagram made in Auto’Fil,
  • Export into Auto’Fil of the reckoning note in order to realise a complete file including the non-necessary information for calculation but essential for the work execution : connector blocks, remote parts, etc …

Besides, Lise dialogues with the software of cupboards composition XL Pro of Legrand in both ways.
So you can easily establish an estimate corresponding to the note of calculation.

Finally, it is always possible to export the Lise diagram in the standard DXF format.