The Strong Points :

  • This is the only automatic diagram’s generator from an Excel interface or Open Office : You get your folios in few minutes.
  • It works with Elec’View CAD to generate a complete file : connector blocks, cable schedules, crossed references, nomenclatures …
  • It perfectly matches with differents calculation software such as Caneco®, Ecodial®, XLPro²Calcul®, Lise®…) and with implantation plans realisation (Autocad®).
  • Basic functions don’t bother any training for the electrical CAD drawer.
  • Synoptics are generating.
  • Perfect to list the real datas on the field and to realise diagrams updating for your clients in order to be conform to the october, 2000 law firm on electrical installations security.

Excel: To draw electrical diagrams file

Excel is one of the best-known spreadsheet software. It is user-friendly and files are easily exchangeable. Furthermore, it is easier to input data in spreadsheet software than to draw a diagram. Excel gives many possibilities to input automatically the spreadsheet grid. Many macros are already existed (operated by Algo’Tech) but the user can initialize its own ones.

New installations design

Perfectly well adapted for designing department, electrical installers or recent works departement, Auto’Fil enables to save time of almost 50% compared to a standard CAD.

Excel input :

  • Gives more flexibility and reactivity since it does not require particular CAD tools.
  • Doesn’t need to manage page setting.
  • Enables to recover reckoning notes and implantation plans.

It is also a saving of time for modifications. It is far more rapid to modify Excel. For instance : when you insert new lines under Excel, it is automatically done in new starts. The Diagram is generated again in few seconds while new starts are inserted and the file is being automatically paged again.

Current installations updating :

AUTO’FIL is a useful tool for maintenance service for listing real data coming from in the field into Excel and for current closets updating! The Excel grid configuration is user friendly. It can be directly captured on the laptop which runs with Excel or Open Office or manually thanks to a printed grid. Then any person who is not trained can input anyway the data. So, it is easier to realise data listing for diagrams updating, whoever you are a maintenance service or a provider working for your clients!

A user-friendly Excel grid:

Input is made on a preformatted grid which can be personalizabled manually or semi automatically thanks to macros done by the user. In an Auto’Fil file you can create one electrical closet or a complete installation, comprising several switchboards and closets: each closet is related to an Excel tab.

You will find in the grid all data concerning the electrical switchboard and necessary for the diagram:

  • Sources of electricity supply,
  • General and intermediate protections,
  • Starts or controls circuits
  • materials and circuits characteristics : rating, cut-set power, Icc …,
  • materials references in relation with suppliers catalogs,
  • cables characteristics : section, type, lenght …
  • Terminals and connector blocks,
  • Generales information : name of the file, date, indexes …
  • ….

Symbols positioning (level) enables prioritising protections and circuits between them. If you want to go to straight to the point, you only have to fill out 3 colonnes: sources, materials, and positioning.Make it more efficient with macros :

  • Pull-down lists of main values : regularly used materials, standard cables …
  • Classics blocks or starts : lighting starts, PC, motors ; classics power supply can be modified and created by the user.
  • Materials, terminals and cables automatic tracking and programation.
  • Graphic symbols library.
  • Automatic assignment of nomenclatures: a hundred manufacturer’s catalogs are provided with the software. A selected reference can automatically be assigned to a component having the same technical characteristics.

After having data typed in Excel, your diagram is generating into Elec’View CAD in one click!If your folder contains complete folios of remote control, it can be directly added in Elec’View.

Whenever you generate Auto’Fil (for instance after power circuits adding) the modifications done in Elec’View are kept!

Links with Elec’View and CAD electrical modules

General information typed in Auto’Fil is in the cartouche (titles, date …). When you generate the diagram from Auto’Fil, it has automatically recovered home pages, summary …

If you have Elec’View CAD modules, wires numbering, connector blocks diagrams, cable schedules and nomenclatures can be generated by Auto’Fil generation’s options.

Compatible with accredited UTE software: CANECO, LISE, ECODIAL

You are a reckoning software user!

So you will not have to draw the diagrams anymore after the reckoning of your power supply (named starts), because Auto’Fil gateways recover the reckoning notes information in the Excel grid.

This function will save you time avoiding you the double capture of data and most of all avoiding you errors of recopy. If you have only calculated the main power supply, you can complete Excel grid with Auto’Fil capture options. The file is generated in one click. In the same way, the file is entirely alterable after generation


Auto’Fil allows returning your diagrams to Lise calculation software : This helps to check up installation conformity and to recover instantaneously right Auto’Fil data in order to update your file.

Gateway with implantation plans

At first, a designing department realises circuits implantation on ground plan.

Then working on Autocad’s vignette and block for drawing circuits, Auto’Fil recovers all the circuits which are on Autocad ground plans and generates automatically data into an Excel grid.

A distinctive interface enables to match each circuit to a typical protection and a corresponding cable, then to assemble together starts by board.

The corresponding Excel file is generated.You only have to fill in the missing data: general protections, remote control …This gateway saves you time and makes sure not to forget any starts circuit when you draw diagrams.

Gateway with protective enclosure software:

Auto’Fil has got a gateway with software enclosuring of Sispro 1 & 2 (Schneider Electrics): it recovers and fill in the Excel grid with defined materials and installation diagram.