The Strong Points:

  • An unique and intuitive graphical interface for realising your diagrams and for managing your symbols libraries,
  • Help to design and coherence control in real time,
  • DConstructors databases that you can read in Excel format,
  • A large opening: many exchange format to work with the others applications (purchase, stock control, and reckoning) or to recover your old files.

In one click, it generates a complete file ready to be used: blocks connector, cable schedules, nomenclatures, home pages, summery, etc.

ELEC’VIEW is made of two types of functionalities:

  • Functions of the CAD Kernel,
  • Functions of the automated electrical CAD.

The CAD Kernel is the pivot of our software range since it is essential to the run of all our modules.


Entirely integrated to Windows Environment, Elec’View CAD is first of all a drawing Software. Specialised in creation of electrical diagrams files, it also enables to realise typical diagrams such as in:

  • hydraulic,
  • pneumatic,
  • fluid,
  • grafcet (sequential function chart),
  • mecanic and architectural plans.

Multi folios and multi files management :

Elec’View enables to manage a file as an Excel one: this is an only file which tabs correspond to the different folios that it is made of. It integrates files and folios management which enable you to have access to either files or folios properties. Job interface enables you to open several files at the same time and to display it in multi windows in order to use copy/paste functions (from a part of the diagram, even the entire folios, or to a file to another).

A ready for use CAD modules thanks to a very intuitive graphical interface:

The user interface has been conceived for a quick handover. You have the same tools as into standard office automation software package running under Windows: tools bar, shortcuts buttons, pop-up menus, copy/paste functions, eyedropper tool, undo/redo, pictures and text insertions, etc.

Symbols libraries and personalizable bookmarks:

Elec’View CAD Kernel is sold with symbols libraries which are full of thousands of symbols regularly updated. Lock up on a changeable grid step, these symbols can easily be set on a design sheet and cut automatically the wire thanks to the wire intelligence of the Software. The two-dimensional design tools enable you to personalize your own symbols libraries and your job environment such as cartouches, titles, home pages …

In order to enable you to work more efficiently and rapidly, you can use personalizabled job palette. It is like bookmarks, filled of symbols that you’re using most of the time, but also your recurrent tools such as police characters, pens, layers, standard grid step …

In addition, you can archive, in few seconds in your palette, a group of symbols regularly used, as an engine start or a circuit of an emergency stop button.

Black boxes

Thanks to « black box » symbols, you can easily symbolize functions or elaborated sets in defining a device and the external connection points of these sets or functions. The black box is next managed as a symbol, in its own that you can archive in your library and in your palette. It will be taken into account for CAD modules of electrical processes.

Environment management by type of clients:

Elec’View offers a standard job environment which can be directly used. Job environment management comes down to two files:

  • the symbols library one,
  • the electric parameters one.

According to the type of execution or the type of client, you can easily personalize your client’s symbols library, his cartouche but also his CAD modules of electric settings: type of wire numbering, components markers, cross references, and type of connector blocks … This takes off easily the file weight and helps considerably the data exchange, and the job environment which can be sent by mail.

Import and export gateway :

The Elec’View CAD Kernel has many import and export gateways which help data recovery and files saving in others format.

  • Format import : Autocad : DXF and DWG, Postscript, Visicad, Schéma 5, Hcontrol, Hdesign.
  • Formats export : Autocad DXF and DWG, PDF, Image , HTML, Word , Excel, XML.

The users/administrators rights management:

The using or the administrating rights are simply managed in order to define the several levels of use: only visualisation, diagrams modification, creation, environment settings … Each user has a login and a password which give him the rights when opening the software. You secure the symbols library overview, electrical settings …

Automatic history, archiving and saving:

Elec’View has several functionalities allowing to secure and to trace the files. Except for active automatic savings, archiving functions enable to create saving copies on specified servers. A history change is also available, updated according to modification indexes of files editing.


The several functionalities of CAD electrical modules automate your tasks in order to make you more efficient and to minimize your study time. We make available standards or specifics modules which complete CAD kernel basis configuration in order to constitute your own software.

Synoptic cabling :

This module is a real assistant to design the file avoiding double keyboarding data and allowing you to have control over your synoptic cabling and the electric detailed diagram:

  • simple tools to design rapidly synoptic of your industrial installation : intercloset links (principal closet, control panel button …), with or without the block connectors,
  • cables, block connectors’s names, localisation … that are defined in the synoptic are automatically proposed  as you go along the diagram execution.

Automatic file management: Over with the waste of time!

You fill in the title of your project and in one click and in few seconds, the software generates automatically :

  • markers and folios numbering,
  • home pages,
  • summary,
  • history of the modification indexes,
  • anomalies detection : diagram coherence control.

Cross references in real time management:

In real time or in batch processing, CAD modules manage automatically materials cross references. You can personalize the display: in cross, in oblique, in list, or in Cenelec. The ‘‘Jumper” function will enable you to browse easily in your file from a component to another.

Materials management in real time:

Elec’View CAD modules enable to assign manufacturer‘s materials related to nomenclature module in :

  • numbering components terminals automatically,
  • giving you in real time the name of available contact or not for each selected references.

Real time wiring in complete management

Elec’View CAD kernel brings you many possibilities to manage  the wiring of installation, in real time or in batch processing:

  • wire numbering automatic generation or manual management,
  • personalization of wire numbering structure according to their nature ( power, button, neutral …),
  • automatic management of equipotentials connectors between folios,
  • editing wire lists for cabling in ins and outs,
  • automatic insertion or deletion of the connection points.

Cables schedule and connector blocks generation:

Either numbered by the user or directly by the software, the connector blocks placed in the diagram can generate automatically the power and the remote control connector blocks’s pages.

The personalization possibilities are numerous and easy to use:

  • multiple settings of each generated connector blocks,
  • Terminal level management,
  • Waiting terminal management …
  • management upstream / downstream,
  • Connector blocks structure modification,
  • Retro-annotation of connector blocks modifications on the diagram.

Cable management also gives many possibilities:  the software assigns itself cables according to the number of strands. Standard cables on the market are predefined and listed in the software (type, number of stands, strands colors …)
The user can define himself his own cables and assign them by default.
The cable schedule is also automatically generated and can be personalized by the user.

Nomenclatures :

Manufacturer’s database management is sometimes problematic in CAD electrical module: numerous numbers of references, updating difficulty …
Elec’View enables you to simply manage your nomenclatures thanks to Excel files, whichever it is in the database or out (extraction of installation material list):

  • nomenclatures affectation from suppliers files in Excel format in order to let the user personalizes them : you can add specific references, Society purchase codes …
  • automatic generation of nomenclature folios organized per area : closet, control panel, power part / button part,
  • grouping per quantity for a same component with benchmark preservation,
  • possible modification of nomenclature folios overview : columns to display highlighting , modification of columns width and fields position, input of free fields,
  • nomenclature pages are extracted into Excel for other purposes : demand for an estimate, demand for buying materials….

Closet materials lay out :

It enables you to realise the physical lay out of materials which are in the electrical closets:

  • in a manually way from lay out symbols library,
  • in a semi-automatic way from symbols which are related to the chosen materials references in the nomenclature.

You can also:

  • choose whichever closet according to components blocking,
  • display the chutes according to the type of closet and of the rails,
  • import the lay out figurines which are in the manufacturers catalogues.

Automation cards folios generation :

ELEC’VIEW manages your automation cards from a friendly interface linked to Excel: Automation cards folios are automatically generated into your electric file, so as the drawing of physical lay out of cards in the automaton.
The links with the others folios are kept.
This module eases considerably diagram conception but also its modification: having a new page inserted is generated automatically and numbered.
You will find the main manufacturers automatons libraries: SIEMENS, TELEMECANIQUE, ALLENBRADLEY, OMRON, KLOCKNER-MOELLER, SOFERL, ETC.
The module also manages deported connector blocks such as ABE7 ones and it can import FNES files coming from manufacturer’s automaton programming softwares, in particular mnemonic ones.

Translation :

This module allows you to translate your electric file in the language of your choice.
The dictionary is made in an Excel file. It can be filled out by the user. It recognizes Cyrillic characters.
Translation is made in few seconds. You don’t need to save the file in several copies according to the language.

Excel Import/Export :

Thanks to this tool you can import or export whichever diagram’s data into an Excel file :
You can do it for any applications:

  • components or wires labels generation,
  • output of ins and outs cable lists output,
  • in and out mnemonic output,