The Strong Points :

  • It allows to make alive existed paper or tracing paper wiring diagrams,
  • It makes durable your know-how and your electric documents storing them in machinable medium,
  • It cleans, analyses and recognizes symbols and texts,
  • It assures conversion with old symbols norms,
  • It sets up into a qualitative approach aiming at respecting the 10.10.2000 decree which stipulates that all electric documents must be updated,
  • It allows a major save of time against ( compared to ) keyboarding,
  • It is a cheaper alternative than ask for contracting.

The best solution concerning your existing diagrams management :

Usually when a company wants to computorize or modify diagrams without having them on a machinable medium, it only has 2 solutions :

  • either it deals with vectorization in spite of the fact that results are hardly readable,
  • or ask for contracting knowing it is expensive and is a loss of mastery of documents.

Scan’Builder enables to analyse a diagram in few minutes and can be automatically used in CAD, either :

  • From scanning paper or tracing paper diagram,
  • From documents already scanned,
  • From PDF format files.

Two versions are available according to your needs and expectations :

  • The Standard Version :

    it restores in the CAD Kernel the true copy of the paper and enables faster updatings,

  • The Expert Version :

    this is the most complete version: it deals with symbols and texts recognition. The new diagram is as smart and workable as a drawing diagram made in CAD Kernel.

Standard Version: rapidity and simplicity

3 simple steps to computorize and update your diagram :

  • Diagram scan : it works with any standard scanner, in white and black or in grey level. It only needs an average of 300 dpi resolution; saving formats are numerous such as Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff, Pdf …Scan’Builder deals with all size of folios.
  • Automatic cleaning : the scanned diagram is cleaned by our own analysis filters which are giving excellent results on old or damaged diagrams. It works perfectly well on tracing paper cross-ruling, folding and stain …
  • The analysis: the cleaned diagram or the PDF one, which doesn’t need to be processed by the earlier 2 first steps, is analysed: electric wirings, lines, dotted, texts and symbols will be identified and classed by category.

The analysis result can be directed to CAD for modification. Intelligence of wires is recovered and you can modify texts thanks to the text editor and replace your symbols with the CAD library

You can easily modify the cartouche or replace it by your favorite one.

Expert Version: the complete smart recognition of your diagrams

In addition to the standard version functionnalities, this version enables you to recover the complete smart recognition of the diagram:

  • Texts are being recognised by our optical characters recognition (OCR),
  • Symbols are recognised via a learning made by the user which offers the substitution of the old symbols by new actual norm ones.

This allows to restitute parameters to symbols and to use CAD modules to restart treatments on the file: crossed references, connector blocks, and wire numbering …