Use your paper diagrams in CAD without redrawing them

Up-to-date modifiable diagrams

Maintenance departments are often confronted with problems when updating their diagrams. As source files are almost never available, the maintenance operator is faced with out-of-date, paper-based or image-format (pdf, jpeg, png, tiff, etc) diagrams that have become unreadable, wrong unusable.

With Scan'Builder, Algo'Tech offers a solution for making a diagram modifiable on the computer and making corrections to it in the shortest possible time.

Discover Scan'Builder

Easily modify your diagrams

With the clean-up and recognition functions, you can scan your paper diagrams and modify them on a computer without having to redraw everything.

Standardise the formats received from your service providers (PDF, paper, DWG, etc)

The wide range of players makes it difficult to have a single format for plans. With Scan'Builder, converting your diagrams is simple.

Save time during maintenance operations

With the optimisation of maintenance department workforces, updating diagrams often takes a back-seat. The CAD solutions proposed are often very complex to implement. However, technicians and operators spend a lot of time in checking whether they can safely carry out work on the installation, by referring to the diagrams. They cannot be certain that these are accurate. Algo'Tech offers a simple, efficient alternative.

Make your diagrams smart

Turn your diagrams into smart diagrams with Scan’Builder's advanced function.

DAO Speed and simplicity :

Three very simple steps to update your diagram :
1/ Scan the diagram : use any standard black and white or greyscale scanner with a standard resolution of about 300 dpi. SCAN'BUILDER accepts a large range of recording formats (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, etc) and handles all sizes of folios.
2/ Automatic clean-up : the scanned diagram goes through our own analysis filters, so you can obtain spectacular results with diagrams that are sometimes very damaged or very old. The filters work very well on traced copies, grids, folds, stains, etc.
3/ Analysis : the cleaned diagram (or the PDF, which does not need the first 2 steps) is analysed. The electrical wires, lines, dotted lines, text and symbols will be identified and organised by category. The result of the analysis can be sent directly to CAD to be modified.

Optimise your service call times :

Handling incidents using obsolete diagrams is sure to cause unnecessary delays. Paper-based diagrams are often lost, no longer available, or just out of date. With Scan'Builder, Algo'Tech's aim is to put smart diagram scanning back at the heart of the technical department. This means operators can quickly and easily modify a diagram when necessary.

Make all your diagrams smart and benefit from the power of Elec'View :

As well as the functions in the Standard version, this version allows you to make your diagram smart again:

- The text is recognised by our character recognition engine (OCR);

- The symbols are recognised through a learning procedure carried out by the user which, in particular, proposes replacing old symbols with symbols used in current standards;

- This operation makes it possible to re-establish the parameters for the symbols and use the electrical CAD to start processing the folder again: cross-referencing, terminal blocks, wire numbering, etc.

Convert old symbol standards :

To make it easier to read the diagrams of old installations, you sometimes need to redraw the plan. With the Expert module, it is very simple to convert an old standard to a new standard using a learning method.


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