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Increase the quality of your studies by reducing your design timeframes

On-board wiring studies for the aeronautics, automobile or railway industry have standards that are often ignored by traditional electrical CAD systems: special symbols, standards, connectors and access points for entry/exit points.
AERO'DESK takes all these special requirements into account to give you a tailor-made solution. Developed in partnership with the market's leading players, it combines functions designed for your business, unrivalled flexibility of parametrisation, and open to your other applications (mechanical, parts lists, etc).
From schematic diagram, block diagrams, wiring lists through to harness plan, discover the power offered by AERO'DESK, the on-board wiring CAD specialist.

Aero'Desk, a solution adapted to your needs in embedded cabling

Boost your efficiency in designing your diagrams

Automate certain tasks to save time and avoid errors.

Improve the change tracking

Control changes to your diagrams by managing their status pre- and post-changes. 

Avoid design errors

Benefit from standardised libraries and control and coherence functions. 

Generate a wiring harness plan

AERO'DESK can generate a wiring harness plan from the wiring list in Excel format.

Tools completely geared to on-board wiring :

Standard CAD systems are mainly designed for the automation field. However on-board wiring has many special requirements with regard to diagrams.

AERO'DESK incorporates tools and functions that meet these special requirements :

- a library of over 300 symbols: connectors, cut-off connectors, shields, etc;

- handling gauges (cross-sections), colours and routes for the wires;

- possibility of management by PN (Part Numbers) from your database.

This provides you with a system that is directly operational for your business. Customisation is, of course, possible, for modifying and enriching the libraries with new symbols.

Generate wiring lists automatically :

Using Wiring Diagrams, in a couple of seconds AERO'DESK generates a wiring list in your folder, which can be exported to Excel.

This wiring list shows, for the entire folder or by function:

  • the entry and exit points of each wire and cable: contact and connector/equipment;
  • the characteristics of each wire: gauge (cross-section), colour and route;
  • the male and female side of circuit-breakers/cut-off connectors;
  • Part Number and zone localisation for each element;
  • the shield contacts.

The list is fully configurable, both in the folder and in its Excel export. It helps detect wiring anomalies: duplicated wires. The user can use the "Jump" function to locate and directly correct the anomaly in the folder.

Managing changes and effectivities :

Our solution has built-in modification management for pre- and post-modification states (notion of before/after). For all retrofit operations, you can identify, through the wiring lists, all the modifications made to the wiring:

  • wires removed;
  • wires added;
  • wires reconnected, at one or both ends, with details of the modified entry/exit points.

The ' before/after' report makes the cable installer's work much easier!

AERO'DESK also manages effectivities or variants. This means that the same function or equipment can be wired differently depending on the range or model of plane/vehicle.

The harness design aid :

AERO'DESK can generate a wiring harness plan:

  • from the Excel wiring list (which can be entered directly, without creating the diagram);
  • with the possibility of retrieving information from the 3D model produced with Catia: in particular, cable and wire lengths;
  • the routing and sizing of harnesses and cables are calculated semi-automatically;
  • information can be exchanged dynamically between the diagram and harness plan, so that modifications can be copied in real time.

From design to production :

Our partnership with INODEX means that AERO'DESK and APARA WIRE are integrated, offering you a complete solution from the design to the production of your harness that incorporates all the industrialisation and monitoring phases. Unique in the market, the combination of these 2 systems supports operators through all the design and production steps. 


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