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A stand-alone, easy-to-use, electrical design system

In the field of aeronautics, and transport in general, wiring has become a matter of prime importance. The rising use of on-board electronics and the preponderance of electronic controls mean that vehicles and aircraft now need considerably more wiring. Today there are kilometres of cabling in automobiles, hundreds of kilometres in planes and trains, and thousands of kilometres in boats. Which gives rise to highly complex situations.

Algo'Tech and its partners propose tools and solutions to help you respond to these issues.

Increase your efficiency in designing your diagrams

In just a few seconds, generate a cabling list showing, for the entire folder or by function, the entry and exit points of each wire and cable, the characteristics of each wire (gauge (cross-section), colour and route), and benefit from a tool specifically designed for on-board wiring.

Save time during retrofit phases

Use your currently paper-based plans in a smart way, without redrawing them.

Optimise your production chain

Apara-Wire lets you automatically generate production ranges and provides operators with real-time aids (operations, tools, settings, skills).


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Design your wiring diagrams simply

With Aero'Desk, designing on-board wiring diagrams is simple, so you gain efficiency and speed. You benefit from libraries tailored to field-specific standards (aeronautics, auto, etc). In its database version, the system allows several people to work on the same project in concurrent engineering mode.  You can assign portions to sub-contractors. You easily design and modify your harnesses and the various cable looms making it up.

Modify paper or pdf diagrams easily

When you need to modify the wiring for a vehicle or aircraft, you generally only have a paper-based or pdf version. With Scan'Builder, you no longer need to redraw your diagrams. You can make them smart, and benefit from all the related advantages: before/after management, modifications, wiring lists, net lists, pin lists, part lists, etc. 

Improve the production of your cable bundles and harnesses

Today, producing cable bundles is still a very manual small-scale procedure, extremely dependent on paper and pin board. There are still many communication problems in the production chain. Apara–Wire is an innovative hardware and software solution from our partner, INODEX3D. It provides expertise and tools to increase efficiency and quality in the 4 key areas of production: large-scale manufacturing or introduction into the product range, production support through virtual reality techniques, traceability of tasks, and monitoring operations at all levels of the production chain.

Boost your efficiency from design to production

In the on-board wiring field, communication difficulties, even failures, between the engineering office and production are major problems. They generate many back-and-forths, corrections, and additional work that is unnecessary and costly. This is why Algo'Tech and Innodex3d decided to integrate their 2 products, Aero'Desk and Apara-Wire, to provide continuity of communication from design to production. These solutions provide all stakeholders with an operational view of the progress of work, so problems and modifications can be transmitted directly.