Auto'Fil Industrie

The next generation of electrical CAD for industrial installations

Your electrical and automation studies in one click based on your own expertise

Significantly reducing design times, improving the quality of the information transmitted to production or your sub-contractors, and increasing flexibility are factors that help you stand out from the competition 

For this, Algo’Tech provides you with a tool to automatically generate your electrical and automation studies. Configured to incorporate your electrical engineering know-how and expertise, which we formalise with you, it enables you to reduce your complete design time by over half. Usable right from the Request for Proposal phase, based on the customer's requirements you can automatically generate the entire folder (power supply, automatic control buses and boards, parts lists, terminal blocks, etc) and the supporting documents for your proposal.

This system is designed for manufacturers of machines or assembly lines, and industrial engineering offices, which configure their machines, equipment or systems based on the characteristics and needs of the customer, for whom a large part of the added value comes from electrical control systems and PLCs.

Discover Auto'Fil Industrie

Cut your design and study timeframes by over half

Stop spending time drawing your diagrams, generate them automatically. 

Formalise and capitalise on your know-how and expertise

Formalise your electrical engineering office's knowledge to increase productivity and continue to innovate.

Devote time to building your competitive edge

Stop spending time on tasks with no added value; the purpose of the engineering office is to produce the best possible installation for the customer, not draw lines!

Increased flexibility, training in your activities in a couple of months

Incorporating a new resource in an engineering office is a long, risky and costly process. Thanks to Auto’Fil Industrie, a junior engineer can become autonomous and carry out most studies very quickly.

Cut your design and study timeframes by over half :

Based on your customer's needs and requirements, in a couple of clicks you can produce the solution that best meets its specifications, automatically generate error-free study folders, obtain the list of the installation's components, define your best price based on all the facts and figures, and control your risks. You can also produce alternative solutions very easily.

Reducing design times, and improving the quality of the information transmission to production or sub-contractors are key factors helping companies stand out from the competition. Savings of over 50% are now being observed. In addition the current approach, which includes a lot of "cut & paste" work using the market tools, generates many errors. The cable installers receiving these have learned to make do, but at what cost? Auto’Fil Industrie helps you to achieve these goals.

Formalise and capitalise on your know-how and expertise :

A significant portion of the added value of your products lies in the electrical control systems and PLCs. Yet electricity is still frequently the poor relation in the engineering office, and the specialist knowledge that differentiates you in the market is in the head of one expert, rarely formalised and not readily transmissible. Formalise it, make it available to the company through Auto’Fil Industrie and re-examine it regularly in a process of continuous improvement and innovation.

We will support you in this approach. We will examine your folders with you, and help you to formalise your expertise. The knowledge gained with our customers and our teams' expertise in the electrical sector are important aids in carrying out this work, and Auto’Fil Industrie is designed to easily incorporate this expertise. 

Devote time to building your competitive edge :

Today, responding to RFPs always needs to be done as quickly as possible. The studies and assessments are to a large extent based empirically on previous projects. Your design engineers spend almost all their time "cut-&-pasting" on more or less automated design systems. This generates many errors and little added value. By considerably reducing the timescales for studies, and automatically generating all the documents and diagrams, you can spend more time with your customers, analysing their needs and boosting your competitive edge, in particular by proposing different solutions.

Increased flexibility, training in your activities in a couple of months :

Today, recruiting new employees in an engineering office is complicated. Several years of training will be needed for them to become truly self-sufficient, with the attendant problem of motivation during this period, and the risk of seeing them leave prematurely. It is also very costly.

With Auto’Fil Industrie as the repository of your specialist knowledge, within just a couple of months, weeks even, you can with complete peace of mind assign them to carry out complete studies under the control of the head of the engineering office. And that is a complete paradigm shift.


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