Elec'View, The Powerful Electrical CAD diagram software

A user-friendly interface

A powerful and intuitive design solution

Elec'View: the best electrical diagram CAD sofware

Elec'View boost productivity simplify your work with ergononic tools fitted to your job sector. Also, It allows you to draw  and modify instrumentation diagrams by saving time and communicate with existing format.

Many powerful options are available through  different user friendly palettes of symbols. The graphical core is DXF- and DWG-compatible for both import and export. It also allows vector PDFs to be opened and modified simply and quickly.

For increased efficiency in the study and production of an electrical folder, Elec'View CAD is the smart graphic module complement you need. that's means the creation of a complete folder can be automated, repetitive tasks handled automatically, and manufacturer's databases accessed with just a click.

Designed specifically for diagram designers, Elec'View provides greater productivity and higher quality.

By combining all of Elec'View's functions, you can optimise all your engineering processes and durably improve your documentation quality.

Elec'View, the right tool for your Electric needs

Short learning curve

Elec'View's Windows interface means users quickly learn to use the system.

Generate a complete folder with just one click

The CAD functions make automatic processes simple and quick.

Save over 30% of the time spent producing diagrams

Elec'View's automated processing provides significant time savings compared to standard CAD systems in the market.

Design your installations in real time

Real-time processing makes it possible to produce cross-references, number the wires, or assign equipment references as the folder evolves in real time.

A Ready-to-use CAD thanks to a very intuitive graphics interface :

The user interface has been designed to be easy to start using. It contains the same tools as standard Windows office systems: tool bars, shortcut keys, drop-down and pop-up menus, cut-&-paste functions, eyedropper, undo/redo, insert pictures and text, etc.

Customisable bookmarks and symbol libraries :

ELEC'VIEW CAD comes with regularly updated symbol libraries containing thousands of symbols. Snapping to an adjustable grid, these symbols can be easily positioned on the drawing sheet and automatically cut the wires thanks to the system's smart connector function. The 2D design tools let you customise your symbol libraries and work environment: title blocks, titles, cover pages, etc.

To increase your efficiency and speed of working, you can use customisable work palettes. These are like "favourites" and contain the symbols you use most frequently, plus your commonly used tools: fonts, pens, layers, standard grid increments, etc.

PLC, Instrumentation, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Libraries 

Import and export interfaces :

The ELEC'VIEW CAD graphics kernel has a large range of import and export interfaces, making it easy to retrieve data and to save files in other formats.

  • AutoCAD import formats: DXF and DWG, PDF, Postscript, Visicad, Schema 5, Hcontrol, Hdesign.
  • AutoCAD export formats: DXF and DWG, PDF, Image, HTML, Word, Excel, XML.

Automatic folder management :

No more wasted time! Enter the titles of your project and your identification preferences, and then in one click the system automatically generates:

  • the references and page numbers of the folios;
  • the cover pages;
  • the table of contents, listing the titles and page numbers of each folio;
  • the history of modification subscripts, overall and by folio;
  • anomaly page(s), for permanent control of the folder;
  • equipment cross-references: you can customise the display - cross, Cenelec, oblique or list;
  • the "Jumper" function lets you easily browse through your folder from one component to the next;
  • wire numbers: the numbering structure can be customised according to the type of wire (power, control, neutral, etc);
  • automatic management of equipotential references between folios, production of wire lists, by entry point/exit point;
  • automatic generation of wire lists.

Complete management of terminal blocks and wiring :

Numbered by the user or directly by the system, the terminal blocks placed on the diagram and the wired connections between equipment make it possible to automatically generate the power, control and CTM terminal block pages.

There are a large number of simple-to-use customisation options:

  • industrial block diagram, wired connections and pre-identification of terminal blocks;
  • multiple settings by type of terminal block generated;
  • automatic generation of terminal block plans and cable schedules;
  • management of multi-stage terminals;
  • management of free terminals, back-up terminals, spacers, etc;
  • management of upstream/downstream terminal blocks;
  • cable combing.

Real-time management of manufacturers' references and cabinet layouts :

  • Filter manufacturers' databases available in Excel format;
  • Match references to devices in the diagram;
  • Real-time information about contacts available, or not, for each of the selected references;
  • Choice and automatic drawing of casings based on overall dimensions;
  • Add scale figurines of devices.

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