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Our range of solutions helps you deal with the challenges linked to regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Documentation management, smart digitalization of your plans, design solutions designed for electricity and instrumentation: we have everything you need to improve and optimise the design and maintenance of your installations.

Save time: design or modify your electrical installations easily

With our solutions, you can create PLC or distribution diagrams very simply and quickly, benefiting from all the power of a CAD system to automatically generate terminal blocks, wire numbering, parts lists, etc, and in this way avoid the loss of time and errors from recopying.

Improve the quality of your diagrams: use your currently paper-based plans in a smart way

With Scan’Builder, scan your paper-based electrical, PID, hydraulic, etc plans, and make them modifiable without spending time redrawing them.

Optimize your intervention deadline: set up a strategy for your technical documents

How to improve efficiency of ever-dwindling maintenance operators in equipment failure?  it's a widespread question for a large number of our professionals. One of the best strategical axis of improvement is primarily entails centralising informations to contrôle and manage the technical documentation. Tech'Manager provides a complete answer to this problem.


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How to Turn Scanned Hand Drawings Into CAD Drawings

From paper to CAD...

Do you have old paper wiring diagram you wish to turn into a workable AutoCAD file? You don’t have to waste time redoing the draft from scratch using the software. Have your old paper schematics plans, wiring schemes PDF and many others scanned and turned into Functional CAD format. This will help you gain a copy of important sketches and save them from future damage. You may have them printed so you can have duplicates in case the original design goes missing or deteriorate. When you convert to CAD, it gives you the security of having copies of the design when you need them.

Implement a document management system designed for technical departments

An ever-growing volume of paper documents but less and less Knowledge in maintenance departments. As a result, more and more time is needed to search through documentation. With our solutions, you spend less time searching for documents and your maintenance operations become more efficient.

Entrust the updating of your plans and diagrams to experts in the field

In both the tertiary and industrial sectors, maintenance departments are faced with increasingly pressing issues: reduction in the workforce, level-1 maintenance contracted out, etc. The outcome is that each department is focussing on its core business. Therefore, updating and creating plans are no longer considered a priority, and maintenance departments are confronted with issues of obsolescence of plans. Algo'Tech can help you by producing and updating the diagrams for you.