The healthcare sector is currently undergoing a digital revolution in technical services. Several major challenges must be faced by Technical and Property Management Department managers.

Property management, the BIM transition, optimising energy performance and maintenance are key issues spurring the digital transition in technical departments. In addition, updating the technical documentation, especially electrical, remains a major problem for maintenance departments. How can staff untrained in drawing tools easily update a diagram to comply with the various decrees? How can you give them simple, quick access to information when documents are needed to repair equipment?

Algo'Tech can help you meet these challenges through the solutions described below.

Create your electrical diagrams easily

With Auto'Fil, you can automatically create a complete diagram from a simple Excel summary of the contents of your electrical cabinet.

Update your electrical diagrams simply and quickly

With Scan'Builder, scan your paper-based plans and make them modifiable without spending time redrawing them.

Implement a management strategy for your technical documents

How can you help the dwindling number of maintenance operators be ever more efficient in maintaining equipment? Many of our customers are pondering this question. One option is to better centralise and manage the technical documentation. Tech'Manager provides a complete response to this. The solution's main contribution is its ability to show the functional link between equipment.

Installing a CMMS

Computer-assisted management of maintenance is a key issue for maintenance departments. The challenge is to be able to implement this type of tool simply without creating complex, unusable solutions. G2IT is a CMMS that lets you to roll this style of solution out simply.

How do you implement a property management system with the introduction of digital modelling and BIM ?

More and more major tertiary-sector sites are seeking support in their programme of incorporating BIM in their operating and maintenance processes. The need to know your assets is now crucial. Many people are wondering how they can have comprehensive knowledge of their existing equipment. Archidata provides responses to these questions.


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How can you make your paper diagrams usable without redrawing them ?

So that paper diagrams that are important troubleshooting aids are not lost, the maintenance departments of industrial sites or large tertiary-sector groups have initiated major projects to scan their plans. This method has limitations because, although the plans have been digitalised, they remain unusable for the maintenance departments since they cannot be modified. Our solutions let you make your documents usable in a minimum of time.

Implement a document management system designed for technical departments

An ever-growing volume of paper documents but less and less Knowledge in maintenance departments. As a result, more and more time is needed to search through documentation. With our solutions, you spend less time searching for documents and your maintenance operations become more efficient.

Entrust the updating of your plans and diagrams to experts in the field

In both the tertiary and industrial sectors, maintenance departments are faced with increasingly pressing issues: reduction in the workforce, level-1 maintenance contracted out, etc. The outcome is that each department is focussing on its core business. Therefore, updating and creating plans are no longer considered a priority, and maintenance departments are confronted with issues of obsolescence of plans. Algo'Tech can help you by producing and updating the diagrams for you.

Implement a property management strategy based on your existing plans

Providing reliable, shared and accessible knowledge of information about the property means owners can better increase the value of their property. The introduction of BIM raises several questions: What to do with a digital model? How can you retrieve and incorporate your existing document base?

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