Machine manufacturers

Globalisation and competitive pressure are forcing machine manufacturers not only to increase their productivity, standardise their range of products and create shorter engineering cycles, but also to provide ever better dynamic customisation of their products for each customer.

Combined with the difficulty in finding qualified staff, the increasing complexity of machines (to be able to produce increasingly complex parts faster and with great precision), and the lack of flexibility of teams in respect of workloads, this forces manufacturers of machines to completely rethink their design processes, integrating them better upstream in the sales and marketing approach and downstream in the production process.

ALGO'TECH's electrical design solutions can help you increase productivity and standardise your processes throughout the electrical study phase.

Automate the design of your products by customising them

A significant portion of machines' intelligence comes from PLCs and electrical controls. Automatically generating the entire electrical folder based on customer requirements allows you to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and increase the quality of your folders.

Increase your efficiency in designing your diagrams

With a powerful, ergonomic CAD system, you can automate all the repetitive tasks for a folder. 


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Automatically generate your design folders

With Auto'Fil Industrie you can reduce your design timescales by over half, and very quickly customise your products at the customer's request. Configured on the basis of your specialised knowledge and expertise, it allows you to automatically generate your electrical and automation study folders, to incorporate new skills and resources much more easily. Fully integrated into the Pack'Elec software suite, you can access all the CAD functions.

Design your electrical wiring diagrams simply

With Elec'View CAD, you have an extremely powerful, ergonomic drawing and CAD tool. You have access to a large palette of symbols and equipment databases, plus advanced automation functions.