Test our Documents Conversion Solutions (DSC)

Transform you "unworkable" paper into CAD drawings!

Make your documents workable without having to redesign them. Thanks to our solutions, you can modify diagram papers or an image format (pdf). All around these problems of retaking those plans (from paper to CAD drawings)                                               we can also do it  on youbehalf.

Step 1

Send a sample page

Scan a folio and send it in the website

Step 2

Test the quality

We send you back the result under different versions (pdf, ele, dwg…)

Step 3

Send us 
your entire folder
to have an estimation 

We can send you back a proposal to ship our sofware solution or quote to get the recognition service of your files.

Send a sample page

Authorized Extensions .pdf .jpg .jpeg .png .tiff .dwg .dxf

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Algotech activities is not only a software editor, we have our own drawing office, we can transform your schematics paper/ scan for you.

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