Partnership Program


Develop partnerships to provide our customers with complete solutions to enhance the user experience.

The technological environment and the needs of users evolve very quickly. Algo'Tech, is always focused on user satisfaction and continious improvement in  software innovation , we wish to futher develop an eco-system of partners to respond ever faster and better to the expectations of the market. We know that together we will be stronger and more relevant, that it will enhance complementary offers and improve the experience and satisfaction of our customers.

Choose among 4 types of partnerships:

icone partenaires industriels

Industrial Partneship :


You are an industrialist, an electrical design office, a maintenance service and you have a special need or requirement that the current software doesn't cover, please, Contact us. We constantly improve and upgrade our products with feedback from the field and build partnerships with our customers and prospects to enhance our software solutions directly or sometimes through research programs.

icone partenaires integrateurs

Business Partnership :

Within the framework of our development, Algo'Tech has set up a network of dealers that we train on our products. The resellers are qualified according to the sectors on which they are and the modules of the range that they wish to resell. This partnership will help you strengthen your growth strategy, discover and enter the era of digital transformation for consulting and maintenance services. Please, Contact us.

icone partenaires revendeurs

Technological Partneship :


Because we are convinced that the software market is getting more and more specialized, our ambition is to set up technological partnership in order to answer to market expectations. You have a technologically innovative product, bringing new functionalities or complementary to those of our products, Contact us so that we analyze together either by direct integration or through our research programs the opportunity to collaborate to increase the value our offers and join an open community of partners.

icone partenaires revendeurs

Services Partnership:

Through our network of service partners, with IT system integrators, consulting firms and service providers, our ecosystem provides state-of-the-art capabilities for diagrams recovery, on-site reporting, database integration or performance improvement consulting services for design and / or maintenance and operational services.

Our common goal is to help our clients to meet their challenges more effectively. Our service offers complement each other, get rich contact us. Some of these activities are developed in a social and solidarity approach with companies from the adapted sector.