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Algo'Tech and its partners can provide audit or on-site survey services for your electrical installations.

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Carry out an assessment of your electrical installations

Algo'Tech and its partners can work on your site to perform an audit of your electrical cabinets, lift reservations by inspection bodies, or update diagrams based on your existing installations. Once these operations have been completed, you will be sure that you comply with regulations and will have up-to-date diagrams.

A service adapted to several sectors


Technological advances and the expansion of the tertiary sector have changed electrical consumption significantly. Consequently, the quality of the electrical power used in a building has become essential for companies' productivity. This calls for preventive maintenance of the electrical equipment and preventing power cuts, to avoid all financial and human impact.

Technical equipement

Maintenance teams have to maintain electrical equipment and other types of technical equipment in operational condition. They are faced with ever-increasing requirements in terms of service quality and speed of intervention, while their workforce is reduced. Providing them with the tools to carry out their tasks is crucial, since the issues in terms of costs can be significant.


Descover our applications

Algo'Tech has developed applications specifically designed for your business needs.