The seamless Multi-Technical Documentation Management

The right information at the right time

Operations and maintenance staff spend more and more time searching through documentation... which gets larger year by year. This time spent searching for information impacts efficiency and safety.

It is now essential for technical departments to implement solutions to:

  • Allow operators and technicians to access information in a search mode suited to their fields;
  • Be sure that this is the right information and that the document is up to date;
  • Know the equipment's functional position in its environment so as to make the right decisions.

Discover Tech’Manager

Reduce your service call times

Access the documents for an item of equipment easily and quickly through geolocation.

Control changes to your documents

Tech'Manager lets you check revision indices, ensuring you have the right version of documents.

Index your documents

The indexing function means you can retrieve information very quickly.

Tag your equipment

Various techniques (QR Codes, Bleam, etc) allow equipment to be identified and accessed even more quickly.

View the equipment's functional position in your installation

The functional view is a valuable aid during operations.

View your equipment in a digital model if necessary

Increasingly, technical departments want to view their installations in digital models integrating the BIM process.


Reduce your service call times :

Tech'Manager provides different modes of accessing equipment documentation. Simple to use and user-friendly, the solution is readily accessible and take-up is immediate. Internal and external users quickly retrieve the documents sought.

Control changes to your documents :

With Tech'Manager you can control changes to your documents. When a document is being changed in a project, it is locked in the database and can only be accessed in read-only mode. It protects documents that are being modified to prevent any operating error. When the updates are complete, the documents are reintroduced into the database with different controls and a revision management process.

Tag your equipment :

When an item of equipment is located on the general layout, TECH'MANAGER enables a code to be generated automatically, directly related to its location and the type of installation represented. 

This code becomes the equipment's reference in the database, to which all the documents are linked. In the form of a label or QR code, for example, it can be scanned during an intervention to quickly find and display the related documents.

View the equipment's functional position in your installation :

TECH'MANAGER provides real benefits for browsing and viewing documents. 
As well as easy access to all the equipment's documents with one click on the area in the plan, it creates a dynamic link between them.

For example, from the layout plan of the cabinets you can display their position on the overall electrical block diagram. That allows you, in particular, to see exactly what equipment is upstream (low-voltage master distribution panel, tank, reservoir, or electrical cabinet/box) and downstream (pump, valve). So, in a couple of clicks, you can check the impact of maintenance operations on the network, etc.

Make it easier to exchange documents with your sub-contractors :

Put in place standardised, uniform procedures to make exchanges easier. Making the exchange of documents with your sub-contractors much simpler is also an opportunity to review the way you work with your sub-contractors.


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