Algo’Tech Softwares - Company Profile

Algo’Tech is an Electrical CAD software publisher since 1999 / multinational coverage / more than 1000 custommers / 10000 electrical engineering plans received and processed

VA-Présence d'Algo'Tech

VA Algo'Tech presence :

∙ In France near Biarritz (head office) and Paris (commercial office and  training center)

∙ In  Marocco (Casablanca)

∙ In India (New-Delhi).

Algo'Tech va

Algo'tech designs a wide range of software to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses (support to multinational companies). Most of our clients come from the tertiary sectors, in particular hospitals, industrial sites, industrial engineering and services, machinery manufacturers, control bodies and territorial entities.

Areas of Activity

Since 1999, Algo’Tech is the French company softwares publishing,  designing, producing, selling and supporting a range of  

Electrical Computer Aided Design Softwares dedicated to Electrical Engineering, in the computing and management of technical documents EDM *  

and Real Estate Property Management. *Electronic Document Management


wiring design diagram

Increase productivity and improve the quality of documentation and information. For design office, it is necessary to integrate the best way to find productivity gains to improve the profitability of the business.


Maintenance & Technical equipment operation

Allow the operators to get simple access to the technical documentation for quick troubleshootings without having impact on the production.


Real Estate Management


Assist asset managers with a global view of their Real Estate.


Our Knowledge

Innovation is at the heart of Algo'Tech's missions. Our team awaits you and will be glad to bring you more efficient and  automated solutions for players in the world of industry and building.

AlgoTech assists its clients in the implementation and integration of its solutions with the social and solidarity economic model  for maintenance services or design offices.

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Join with us and feel free

Algo'Tech has is own a drawing office and  can suggest you the best conditions to design wiring diagrams, this service is available for overwhelmed customers or wishing to outsource this activity.