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Le BIM devient au fil des jours un élément central des échanges entre professionnels, avec l’intention affichée de prendre en compte le cycle de vie d’un bâtiment à toutes les étapes :

  • Lors de sa conception
  • Lors de sa construction
  • Lors de son exploitation.



3 essential levers of action during the design phase

BIM is becoming a vital element in joint work, with a goal of including each stage in a building’s lifecycle:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Use

 There is no doubt about the relevance of BIM in the first two stages, given the large number of projects using digital models. But there is definitely scope for exploring BIM in a building’s operational phases with its dedicated tools.


How can managing technical documents with digital technology boost productivity?

Going paperless is the first vital step in the digital transformation of companies. It consists in replacing paper documents by digital files or in directly creating digital documents and incorporating them into the various processes. Going paperless also means improved business administration and ease of access to data and documents.